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Sarah Crabtree
TV Personality

Nerd Digital is an absolute joy to work with. Highly recommended.

Beth Chatto Gardens, Julia Boulton
Julia Boulton
Managing Director
The Beth Chatto Gardens

Very happy indeed with Nerd. The press release content, targeting and results were brilliant. Nerd are easy to work with, responsive, and creatively committed to getting the results you want.

Stuart Sumner
Editorial Director

I worked with Nerd Digital on a new business launch offering consultancy to senior IT professionals. The team brought an incredible energy and commitment to the brand, coupled with unique insights and a host of innovation. Very happy with the results and would highly recommend working with Nerd.

Saskia van Roomen
London Film School

We were delighted to work with Nerd Digital on our website development and design as well as the marketing plan for our recent film festival. Noel and his team are professional and responsive to our needs as well as great fun to work with.

Paul Cunningham
Operations Director
Evoke Classics

We have been using Nerd for over two years and have already seen our Social Media following and SEO grow beyond our expectations, they are extremely knowledgeable and very good at what they do.

Coral Clark
Horticultural Executive
British Growers Association

We worked with NERD on one of our recent events and their input and support was a great asset. Noel and Rachel are a fantastic team and created some dynamic engaging content to promote our event. Additionally their honesty when planning the social content was most valuable and we trusted their opinions throughout our time working with NERD

David Hamblett
Founder and CEO
New Wave Financial Services

We’ve been working with NERD for over a year and they’ve helped us increase our revenue significantly. I’ve worked with a number of agencies over the years and these guys knock the socks off all of them. Would recommend to any business owner looking to increase sales and level up across all their marketing efforts!

Murkje Koopmans
Brand Marketing Manager
Greentech Global

Super flexible, content driven and professional!

Featured Work

An award-winning digital marketing agency, passionate about growing your business

For ambitious people who want to grow their business, Nerd is a digital marketing agency that will help you better understand your customers, create cool digital things, and sell more of your stuff. Check out some of our case studies below and, if you like what you see, contact us today…

What we do

Nerd: Our mission is to make your marketing a success

From a complimentary 30-minute consultation, management of a campaign, through to a 12-month digital marketing transformation project, Nerd offers practical solutions to help you power through the digital landscape and achieve your business objectives. Let’s get started…

Search Marketing

Making sure you can be found online, get clicks, and fast.

Nerd is a specialist in search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising. What does this mean? Let’s get started.

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Content & Copy

Writing great copy is hard and takes ages, let us do it for you.

Putting pen to paper is hard, but getting people to read it is even harder. Nerd will do this for you, and make you look erudite and amazing.

Email Marketing

Always criticised, but Email consistently delivers. Make yours stand out.

Email is dead right? Wrong. In most industries this line of communication still provides the best return on investment. Does yours?

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Website Design

What’s your number one digital asset? You guessed it. Let’s do this.

Where do your customers go to check you out? Yes, 72% of businesses still list a website as their number one source of business leads.

Marketing Strategy

More than 50% of businesses lack a digital strategy – don’t be one of those.

Don’t have a digital marketing strategy? You are not alone. According to Forbes, more than 50% of businesses are lacking this basic compass.

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Customer Research

If you don’t know what they want, it’s not going to happen.

Your customers are one of the best resources you have – but so many people don’t have a Scooby Doo how to unleash this potential.

Who we are
Noel Anderson at Nerd


Skills: Marketing strategy, market and customer research, SEO, futurism, business development, email marketing and lead generation.

Passionate about: Science, technology, tennis, festivals, live comedy and entertainment.

Biography: Noel has worked in marketing and market research for over twenty years, working with brands such as 3M, HP, Bayer, the Met Office and many SME’s and start-ups.

He holds an MSc. in digital marketing (with distinction), is a chartered marketer and has a combined BSc. in biochemistry and chemistry. He dreams of making it as an actor one day, and got his first job in marketing at 9 years old when he ‘starred’ in a Wotsits crisps advert.

Rachel AndersonNerd Passion Flower Purple Element


Skills: Writing (journalism, press releases, copy-writing, content writing, blogging), copy-editing, shorthand, market research and sub-editing. 

Passionate About: Food, the environment/our planet, sustainability and art.

Biography: Rachel is an NCTJ-qualified journalist with a desktop publishing degree. She also holds an RHS Level 2 gardening qualification and is studying environmental science on a part-time basis. For the past 15 years, Rachel has worked as a trade journalist – following her interest in the natural world by donning her wellies and treading through all manner of landscapes to write about: commercial horticulture production, agriculture, viticulture, arboriculture, gardening, garden and landscape design, and landscape architecture for a range of publications.

When she’s not busy writing, Rachel loves practising yoga (particularly the “hot” kind), reading, and pottering about on her allotment. Whilst she loves consuming, growing and writing about food, she’s not a great chef. However, she is currently doing her best to learn how to conquer the kitchen.



Skills: Graphic design, digital and hand-drawn watercolour illustration, brand guidelines, display advertising and fine art painting.

Passionate about: Art, dancing (especially tango) and travelling around the world.

Biography: Halyna is a professional illustrator and graphic designer with more than 7 years of experience. She holds an MSc. in Book illustration and Graphic Design from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing.

Halyna also takes part in different art projects and international exhibitions, creates watercolor illustrations for clothing collections and accessories for various brands.

ParthPassion flower


Skills: On-page technical SEO, paid social, paid search, copywriting, multi-channel marketing, consumer psychology and content marketing.

Passionate about: Consumer psychology, adventurous sports, flying planes and good food.

Biography: Parth is a hands-on marketer with over 5 years of experience in conjuring up digital magic. 

He prides himself on being ahead of the digital curve and has received his marketing education from Queen Mary University, CIM, University of Oxford and Backlinko. Parth has been mentored by the best, including directors from Google, Nerd, Booking.com and The Guardian. His wanderlust, inquisitiveness and curious mind for testing and experimentation keeps him smiling.

Gemma Sixsmith


Skills: Marketing, PR, business development, partnerships, influencer marketing, lead generation and workshop facilitation. 

Passionate about:  Health and wellbeing, nutrition, long distance running and social responsibility.

Biography: Gemma has a degree in marketing and is from a business development and partnerships-in-media background, gained from her experience in her roles at Channel 4, Mail Online, The Independent and Evening Standard. 

She recently qualified as a nutritional therapist and brings to the table a holistic approach. She has a flair for identifying the strengths of a business and how to build on insight to grow revenue and brand awareness. 

Gemma dreams of successfully growing broad beans in her allotment one day and her first customer-facing role was answering the banana phone at Innocent Drinks.

RogerNerd Passion Flower Purple Element


Skills: Copywriting, editorial, journalism, digital and media publishing, content marketing, PR and social media engagement.

Passionate about: Automobiles from the 1970’s and 1980’s and high quality writing and journalism.


Roger studied at the University of Essex and has a post-graduate diploma in Journalism. He loves classic cars from the 1970’s and 1980’s and has been a writer and/or editor for Commercial Motor, Motor Transport, Truck & Driver, Commercial Vehicle Dealer, Truck Locator and Electric vehicles writer at The Energyst.

Roger is a holder of an HGV licence, so watch out.

Sanjana at Nerd DigitalNerd Passion Flower Purple Element


Skills: Digital marketing strategy, email marketing and template design, campaign management, and graphic design.

Passionate about:  Design & art, entertainment, and travelling.

Biography: Sanjana is digital marketer who is widely recognised as one of the leading email marketers worldwide, having completing five star rated projects with 100’s of brands.

She is especially dedicated to helping clients to visually create and communicate their story via compelling newsletters and highly engaging email marketing. As a digital native extraordinaire, Sanjana holds a BSc. in Computing science, is a certified Mailchimp partner and is aiming to achieve an MSc. in digital marketing in the near future.

Nerd’s Words

The graphic design trends for 2024

Graphic design is a field that is constantly developing and changing. In the age when art meets technology, creativity has never had more opportunity to inspire and excite people through graphic design.

How to create a mood board

The Magic of Creating a Mood Board

In actual fact a mood board is a tool that can help you to bring together your thoughts and visual ideas at the beginning of a creative project. And, in a way, they do have an element of magic about them because they bring your initial ideas to life – transforming our feelings, thoughts and ideas into something colourful, real, and useful.

Girl creating video content marketing on a smart phone

The Video Content Marketing Revolution

Firstly, there’s no escaping the fact that video content has both the highest reach and highest engagement of any other content posted online. Online videos are truly the key to unlocking a global audience, with a staggering 92% of internet users worldwide consuming video content.

Social Media for Business, Where Do You Start?

With 4.62 billion people using social media for more than two hours a day, the chances are you’ve regularly experienced at least one of its platforms – be that for business or pleasure. Now, one of the first questions we get asked by clients who are launching a product, service, campaign or new business is…

How To Get a Digital Marketing Masters

A former colleague once said to me that in Italy most men indulge in one of the three M’s of a mid-life crisis, namely; motorbike, mistress, or a marathon. Not wanting to delve into the world of leathers – and not having the knees for a marathon – I added a new M to the list.

Wearable devices neon image.

Wearable Devices, The Next Big Thing?

Wearable devices have been hyped as the next big thing for years, but are we finally entering into this brave new world? The evidence suggests yes. With new products and apps launching all the time, and the market expected to grow by more than 50% in the next three years, wearable devices are poised to revolutionise the consumer and business world as we know it.

Email marketing neon image.

Email Marketing, Does it Still Work?

Most of us have made a sneaky purchase after opening an irresistibly-titled email that’s shouting “25% off” or “LAST CHANCE to buy” at us. Or perhaps, whilst having our tea-break, we’ve taken the opportunity to sit down and devour our favourite newsletter after it was emailed to us that morning. Certainly, email marketing – with the help of software such as Mailchimp – is a powerful tool.

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